UCSTRIUnified Computer Science Technical Report Index (Indiana University)
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For example, the Unified Computer Science Technical Report Index (UCSTRI) [Van Heyningen 1994] and many other online bibliographic resources [Ley 1995; Jones 1996] have been created to help Internet users to locate published computer science literature.
This situation led to the seminal effort at Indiana University of setting up a Unified Computer Science Technical Report Index (UCSTRI) [4], which polls FTP sites, builds a centralized master index from extracted data, supports searching of that index, and then retrieves reports that appear interesting (based on bibliographic data or in many cases, an abstract).
The Internet Research Task Force Research Group on Resource Discovery (IRTF-RD) runs a CS report service [1] that differs from UCSTRI in that it encourages sites to run Gatherer software which has been specially prepared to analyze files, and uses more sophisticated retrieval and distributed processing programs.