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UCTDUndifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease
UCTDUnion Catalogue of Theses and Dissertations (Southern African Bibliographic Information Network)
UCTDUnderway Conductivity Temperature Depth (ocean science)
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Patients with UCTD exhibit autoantibodies and signs or symptoms associated with CTD, but they do not meet the criteria for a defined subtype of collagen disease.
To map mesoscale and submesoscale features, a Teledyne Oceanscience Underway CTD (uCTD), fitted with SBE conductivity-temperature (CT) sensors, was used for measuring temperature and salinity profiles while the ship was sailing at a speed of 6 kt (3.06 m [s.sup.-1]).
In terms of the distribution by the ABO blood groups, the O blood type had SLE, SSc, and FMF at the highest rate; the A blood type had vasculitis, UCTD, RA, and SpA at the highest rate; the B blood type had Behcet's disease and FMF at the highest rate; and the AB blood type had SjS at the highest rate (Figure 1).
Udifferentiated connective tissue diseases (UCTD): a review of the literature and a porposal for preliminary classification criteria.
Having in mind all this, a retrospective study was performed to analyse the clinical profile of patients having anti-Ro52 in their serum and not any other relevant autoimmune biomarker in order to investigate the possible association between anti-Ro52 antibodies and a milder and more stable form of UCTD. The evolution of the symptoms was evaluated to establish a conclusion regarding its possible prognosis value.
Seminoma carries a good prognosis when treated with metastasis; however, its association with UCTD might alter the prognosis.
The diagnosis of UCTD was based on clinical and serological manifestations suggesting a systemic connective autoimmune disease (arthralgias, Raynaud's disease, ANA reactivity different from antitopoisomerase I and anticentromere, disease duration) [7].
Four patients carried a diagnosis of PM, 5 had UCTD, 2 had systemic sclerosis, and 1 had Sjogren syndrome.
Institutions (lead Pis) Instruments/platforms Observations UW (Lee), NARA Seagliders T, S, P, profiles SIO (Rudnick) Spray gliders, T, S, P, profiles profiling floats SIO (Centurioni), NARA SVP drifters Surface currents IIS (Sengupta), Drifters Surface currents INCOIS (Ravichandran), NIOT (Venkatesan) SIO (Send), NARA PIES SSH, currents NARA (Jinadasa), ND, ADCP, CTD, strings Currents, T, S, P NRL SIO (Mackinnon, OSU CTD, UCTD, ADCP T, S, P, currents (Shroyer) IIS (Sengupta), CTD, UCTD, XBT, T, S, P, currents INCOIS (Ravichandran), expendable CTD NIOT (Venkatesan) (XCTD), ADCP OSU (Nash) Towed chain T, S, P, profiles SIO (Lucas) Wirewalker Microstructure NRL (Wijesekera) Scan Fish T, S, P, profiles WHOI (St.
(2,3) These patients have been considered to have diffuse or undifferentiated connective tissue diseases (UCTD).
In addition, anti-ENA antibodies can be detected in undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD) [1].