UDACSUniform Design and Construction Standards
UDACSUniversal Display And Control System
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The pattern is similar to that observed for the prevalence of CHD in males from UDACS (described above).
Although plasma TAOS is not a highly specific measure of plasma oxidative stress, for larger studies such as UDACS, it is a practical and inexpensive assay.
Plasma TG concentrations are negatively associated with HDL (in UDACS, r = -0.52), which may account for the association between TAOS and HDL.
Because UDACS is a cross-sectional study, we are unable to ascertain the contribution to prospective risk in this study.
One potential concern with the NPHSII data was that mean plasma TAOS was lower in the NPHSII sample compared with UDACS. It is likely that this is a result of the fact that the samples from NPHSII had been stored at -80[degrees]C for a period of 10 years, compared with ~12 months for the samples from UDACS.
Within UDACS, Ox-LDL:LDL-C was also studied in relation to CHD status.
The recruitment of UDACS completed in December 2002; since then, 38 participants have died.
Stephens (BDA: RD01/ 0001357) and the creation of UDACS. S.E.
In addition, studies are ongoing on the use of UDACS with multi-material, multi-cavity, and gas-assist molding.