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If we return to the proposed meaning of Udbr: 'heir by oath' // 'sworn (heir)', surprising evidence is provided by Arabic lexicography: [.sup.?]udiibir-, 'a man who cuts the ties of his relationship', (11) mudabbar-, 'a slave made to be free after his owner's death', (12) which is also attested in the Sihah and in the Tag al-'Arus, but not in the Lisan or in the DMWA by Wehr, a Standard Arabic dictionary.
udbr as /?udabbad, which would lead us back to the Arabic forms cited at the beginning of this paper ('udabir-, trtudabbar-).
If none of the natural sons is named in this way in the testament (regardless of the mother's social class), it could be considered that udbr denotes a 'slave' or 'servant' rather than a natural son, as Bordreuil and Pardee rightly mentioned in Manual of Ugaritic, 275: "{w eidbr} appears to fill the slot of (w nblh ) and may designate someone who has been chosen and sworn to heirship because the patron has no natural heir." If this is true, the coincidence with the semantics of Ar.