UDFSUdf File System
UDFSUser Defined File System
UDFSUniversal Disk File System
UDFSUser-Defined File Systems
UDFSUtica Dollars for Scholars (Utica, NY)
UDFSUser Detailed Functional Specification
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Keep controlled elements in explicitly named columns; avoid using UDFs for anything that may be controlled; and consider further isolating restricted data items into separate tables or schemas.
(2) For the sum and avg queries, the execution time of FHOPE is lower than CryptDB, because CryptDB employs Paillier's homomorphic encryption scheme and UDFs (user-defined functions) to compute sum aggregates and averages.
In-database analytics via user-defined functions (UDFs) open the way for converged AI and BI workloads accelerated by GPUs.
UDFs were developed to simulate the chemical reactions including the reaction rate of each phase and amount of heat generation.
So User Defined Functions (UDFs) need to be written and compiled into the ANSYS Fluent software solver.
Acronyms API: Application programming interface DAG: Directed acyclic graph DSMS: Data Stream Management System GFS: Google File System HDDs: Hard disk drives HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System IDC: Industrial Development Corporation NoSQL: Not Only SQL REST: Representational state transfer SDI: Scientific Data Infrastructure SDLM: Scientific Data Lifecycle Management UDFs: User Defined Functions URL: Uniform Resource Locator WSN: Wireless sensor network.
This release has added SQL functionality including User Defined Functions (UDFs) and SQL access to Raima's non-SQL databases.
The European Investment Bank and the government of Portugal announced, on 11 October, the creation of three urban development funds (UDFs) to support urban regeneration in certain regions of Portugal, managed, respectively, by a consortium of Caixa Geral de Depositos SA (CGD) and Instituto da Habitacao e da Reabilitacao Urbana IP (IHRU) for approximately 51 million, Banco BPI SA (BPI) for approximately 64 million, and Turismo de Portugal IP (TdP) for approximately 15 million.
On 13 October in Pomorskie, Poland, the European Investment Bank (EIB), in its capacity as manager of the Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas (JESSICA) holding fund, entered into two agreements establishing urban development funds (UDFs).
Boundary conditions for CFD modeling are developed through the following: (1) determine the exiting flue temperature and mass flow versus time, firing cycle, and overall cycle time for a given boiler efficiency, (2) import these into the VENT-II appliance model, (3) use the burner firing rate, thermal efficiency, selected water heater configuration, and ambient conditions to perform a VENT-II simulation, (4) import values for mass flow, static pressure, temperature, and species mass fraction at inlets to chimney into UDFs and CFD boundary conditions in transient and time-averaged form, dependent on CFD simulation type, and (4) initialize CFD model and preheat the chimney steady state firing boundary conditions.