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Earlier st udies have also found that clergy refer fewer than 10 percent of those with emotional problems to other mental health care providers (McCann 1962; Piedmont 1968; Hong and Wiehe 1974; Virkler 1979; Mollica et al.
Estimates of the amount of mangrove conversion due to shrimp farming vary, but recent st udies suggest that up to 50%-65% of Thailand's mangroves have been lost to shrimp farm conversion since 1975 (Dierberg and Kiattisimkul, 1996; Tokrisna, 1998).
I thought of Stuart Hall recounting in 1992 how feminism had first come into direct contact with cultural studies in the mid-1970s, and his revealing comment: 'As the thief in the night, [feminism] broke in; interrupted, made an unseemly noise, seized the time, crapped on the table of cultural studies.' (4) Far from representing some interloper with questionable social habits, feminism now occupies a place at the heart of cultural studies--no recent textbook of cultural studies work aimed at the undergraduate market is without a subsection on 'feminist cultural st udies.' (5) But that neat phrase perhaps elides how complicated the disciplinary interface of feminism and cultural studies has been, and the multiple sites of tension which remain beneath anthologists' neat categorisations.
This process resulted in a more comprehensive dataset than examined in most prior productivity st udies.
The chapter on history announces: "Above all, Aboriginal history and womens history recast the study of Australian history"; that on English studies maintains: "Feminist Criticism" may be claimed as a movement that is genuinely redrawing the whole map of English literary studies; and the chapter on cultural studies states: "Feminist concerns have marked the development of Australian Cultural St udies from the outset in ways that have had a lasting influence on its formation." (9)
This kind of antifoundationalism, currently pervading the academy in cultural st udies programs, will annoy some readers in its reluctance to establish aesthetic criteria.
They not only stopped the trial in which the fatality occurred and all the other gene-therapy studies at the same university, but also halted similar st udies at other universities, as well as experiments using adenovirus being conducted by the drug company Schering-Plough -- one for the treatment of liver cancer, the other for colorectal cancer that had metastasized to the liver.
What distinguishes a successful candidate for a position is a combination of dedication to his or her st udies, the pursuit of experience through internships or work and demonstrated leadership through extracurricular activities.
Furthermore, both in humans and in experimental animals, st udies on alcohol's direct effects on the heart in the intact organism are complicated by alcohol's indirect effects on other organ systems and molecules that modulate heart function.
Eighth, st udies had to employ a control group in which subjects received either no financial incentives or received financial incentives that were not contingent on performance (i.e., a flat rate).
Nevertheless, Vico was eventually to become the anti-Descartes and the new Bacon of historical st udies.