UDJAUtah Disc Jockey Association
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Udja said provisions of the new version of the BBL, drafted by the 21-member Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), encompasses all the agreed peace agreements between the government and the Moro fronts.
Next week it will begin service to Cologne, Germany and later to Paris from Udja, Morocco.
Professor Garfield has advocated enactment of a Uniform Divorce Jurisdiction Act (UDJA), which would commit states to recognize divorce decrees of other states if (1) for bilateral decrees, both spouses were present, or (2) for ex parte decrees, the petitioner satisfied a brief residency requirement, not longer than ninety days.(237) Modelled after the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act,(238) which all fifty states and the District of Columbia ultimately adopted,(239) Garfield's proposed uniform law would include broad guidelines for choice of law in divorce cases and forum non conveniens provisions.(240)