UDP-GlcUridine Diphosphoglucose
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Cytosolic Dol-P-Man and Dol-P-Glc synthases link GDP-Man and UDP-Glc to the cytosolic site of Dol-P by cleaving off the nucleotide moiety.
Experiments investigating the intraorganelle availability of nucleotide sugars have shown that UDP-Xyl and UDP-Glc can also be found in the ER, whereas UDP-GlcA and UDP-Glc can be found in the Golgi (38), suggesting that the corresponding NSTs are yet to be identified.
Considering the amounts of UDP-sugars found in the pooled muscle tissues, a minimum of 37, 13, 32, and 20 mg of tissue (wet weight) would be sufficient to accurately quantify UDP-Gal, UDP-Glc, UDP-GalNAc, and UDP-G1cNAc, respectively.