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UDRAUnited Drag Racers Association
UDRAUniform Divorce Recognition Act (various states)
UDRAUniformed Division Retirement Association (US Secret Service)
UDRAUnidirectional Dielectric-Resonator Array
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Pino, LOU 27652; Bueu, Punta Udra, 29TNG1389, 10 m, 22-03-1990, X.
The SSNDA is chaired by Thomas Cirilo Swaka is composed of four groups NAS; NDM; SSNMC; UDRA.
Of road from burj chaupal to lamar road and h/o udra to burj choupal w.no-07 (vill- garhi patti)
of Road from Burj Choupal to Kamer road and HO Udra to Burj chaupal W-7
The five groups of the SSOA-Swaka including the NAS; NOM; POM; SSNMC; UDRA, are signatories of the cessation of hostilities of December 2017.
Tenders are invited for New Construction Work Of Fareedpur Hasan Sampark Marg To Udra Sampark Marg Under Vyapaar Vikas Nidhi Yozna Yr.
NAS and three other groups including the People's Democratic Movement (PDM), National Democratic Movement (NDM), United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA) and Pagan Amum have issued a joint statement rejecting the deal.
Already, the National Salvation Front (NAS), People's Democratic Movement (PDM), National Democratic Movement (NDM), United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA) and Pagan Amum issued a joint statement rejecting the deal.
Oketch, People's Democratic Movement (PDM) chaired by Hakim Dario, National Democratic Movement (NDM) led by Emanuel Aban and the United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA) of Gatwech K.
Thomas Cirillo Swaka, the National Democratic Movement (NDM) chaired by Lam Akol, the People's Democratic Movement (PDM) headed by Hakim Dario Moi, the SPLM-FDs, the SSLM/A of Bapiny Monytuil, the National Movement for Change (SSNMC) led by Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, the South Sudan Patriotic Movement (SSPM) of Costello Garang Ring and South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) of Peter Gatdet Yak and the United Democratic Alliance UDRA.
We the leaders of the following South Sudanese Opposition political movements, parties and front, namely: FDP, NAS, NDM, PDM, SSLM/A, SSNMC, SSUM/A and UDRA have resolved to formalize and operationalize an alliance to accelerate efforts to restore just and durable peace, democracy and to preserve human rights and fundamental democratic rights of our people," it read.
Signatories to the document included, Henry Odwar, deputy chairman of the SPLM-IO faction led by Riek Machar, FDP party leader Gabriel Changson Chan, Thomas Tut Doap of UDRA, SPLM-FDs member Kosti Manibe, SSNMC leader Joseph Bakasoro, National Democratic Movement (NDM) leader Lam Akol, and Thomas Cirillo Swaka, leader of the National Salvation Front (NAS).