UDSCUniversity of Delhi South Campus (New Delhi, India)
UDSCUniversity of Durham, Stockton Campus (UK)
UDSCUsuda Deep Space Center
UDSCUniversity of Denver Skating Club (Denver, Colorado)
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Multiple Transdifferentiation of UDSCs Applied in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering
UDSCs could be expanded to yield a large population, and their plasticity has also been fully confirmed through investigation [17].
Only the small cell type with a spindle appearance was named as UDSCs, as they could be consecutively proliferated for up to 20 passages, reaching accumulated population doubling (PD) rate of more than 60 [10, 15].
As a noninvasive and easy-to-expand cell resource, UDSCs have been applied in urological tissue engineering including bladder tissue engineering and urethral reconstruction [10, 15, 27-34].
UDSCs Served as Original Cells for Reprogramming into Disease-Specific iPSCs
For some special patients such as children or those with abnormal hemorrhagic diseases, UDSCs have special advantages as they could be obtained noninvasively and cultured easily.
Meanwhile, UDSCs have also been applied in the research of rare diseases.
UDSCs have been applied as a novel noninvasive cell source possessing a broad feasibility in cell therapies and tissue regeneration especially for urinary tissue engineering and also serving as original cells for disease modeling through reprogramming.
The first issue lies on the cell diversity which was displayed as line-to-line variations on both UDSCs and reprogrammed iPSCs resulting mainly from genetic background.
Human UDSCs (hUDSCs) were isolated from fresh umbilical cord tissue after birth.
The Expression of Pancreatic-Specific Transcription Factors During Differentiation of h UDSCs: