UDSLUnidirectional Digital Subscriber Line
UDSLUniversal Digital Subscriber Loop
UDSLUniversal Digital Subscriber Line
UDSLUniversity of Dayton School of Law (Dayton, OH)
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As such, we have started by providing the Society with UDSL Internet services so that their members and visitors can benefit from this popular service," he added.
By empowering technicians to use a single device for testing networks and broadband services that employ either ADSLx or VDSLx connections, as well as the different "flavors" of each technology, the SunLite UDSL reduces the need to equip technicians with multiple testers, cutting CapEx while boosting workflow productivity.
Given its ease of use, attractive price point and small form, the SunLite UDSL solution is poised to become a key tool that field personnel and system engineers will rely on for test and measurement of their DSL networks," said Olga Yashkova, industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan.
The UDSL approach and technology will support ultra-high speed rates of 200Mbps aggregate throughput for one line of DSL, which can be used to provide 100Mbps symmetric or an asymmetric service, such as 150Mbps downstream-50Mbps upstream in shorter loops.
The common shares of UDSL trade on the Alberta Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol``UDS''.
jointly announce today that the previous Board of Directors of UDSL have all resigned and have been replaced by Hank B.
Access to the customer is provided via ADSL, UDSL (universal digital subscriber line) and VDSL (very high bit rate digital subscriber line) over existing copper infrastructure.
UDSL''), a total of 5,844,651 shares of UDSL have been tendered to the Offer representing approximately 64% of the outstanding shares of UDSL.
Precision has varied its Offer to reduce its condition with respect to the tender of a minimum of 66 2/3% of the UDSL shares to a minimum of 60% of the outstanding UDSL shares and has also extended its Offer to 2:00 p.
UDSL'') announce today that Precision is mailing an Offer to Purchase all of the issued and outstanding common shares of UDSL at a price of 2.
308 common shares of Precision for every 100 UDSL common shares.
It will support up to eight subscriber lines and can be provisioned to be either splitterless UDSL (universal) or full-speed ADSL with the same equipment.