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UDTSUniversity of Dubuque Theological Seminary (Dubuque, IA)
UDTSUrban Discipleship Training School (Youth with a Mission; Garden Valley, TX)
UDTSUnité de Développement des Technologies du Silicium (French)
UDTSUniversity Distinguished Teaching Scholars (Colorado State University)
UDTSUniversal Data Transfer Service
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The researchers correlated the frequency of patients' self-reported substance use and the results of their UDTs. It showed that 76 percent of UDTs positive for cocaine and 57 percent of those positive for opioids occurred when patients did not disclose substance use in their treatment visit.
Additionally, rates of positive UDTs without self-reported substance use were higher earlier in treatment, possibly reflecting growing trust between the patient and the treatment team over time.
A training program began in Hawaii, and UDTs were deployed throughout the Pacific.
Following the example shown in the former section, now we can see how the wall object has been defined by UDTs in a Siemens device in Table III.
Cryptorchidism means "hidden testis" and is synonymous with UDT. The majority of UDTs are palpable.
Histological examinations of surgical specimens from post-pubertal males with UDTs have confirmed the lack of normal spermatogenesis as well as the presence of carcinoma-in-situ (Rogers et al., 1998).
Cloutier et al12 compared modified mid raphi scrotal incision with standard Bianchi and conventional inguinal approach in patients with palpable UDT and showed that it was an excellent alternative especially for bilateral UDTs as was confirmed by good results in our 5 bilateral cases.
Anteriormente se clasifico al parasito en dos divisiones denominadas Unidades Discretas de Tipificacion o UDT (I y II, estando la UDTII constituida por cinco subdivisiones: UDTs IIa-e) (39).
The Laffer/MRI study articulates an economic benefit of in-office screening and laboratory UDTs of more than three times their cost, resulting in an aggregate net direct and indirect benefit of more than $25 billion (depending on test frequency).
Navy's Combat Demolition Units, UDTs, and SEALs by James Douglas O'Dell (Brassey's, Inc., 2000, 2001), and unpublished data from a work in progress.
In 1983 existing UDTs were reconfigured and redesignated as either SEAL teams or Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Teams.