UDVUlric de Varens (French perfumes)
UDVUniao do Vegetal
UDVUniversidad da Vinci (Spanish: Da Vinci University; various locations)
UDVUnit Dose Vial (medication)
UDVUnited Distillers and Vintners
UDVUnited Dairyfarmers of Victoria (Australia)
UDVUnion der Vertriebenen (German: Union of Expellees)
UDVUser Defined Variable (shell programming)
UDVUser Defined View
UDVUnit Day Value
UDVUlster Defence Volunteers (Northern Ireland, UK)
UDVÚrad Dokumentace a Vyšetrování Zlocinu Komunismu (Czechoslovakian office for investigation of Communist crimes)
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Table 3 VDR SNPs in non segmental (NSV), segmental (SV) and undetermined/ unclassified (UDV) vitiligo patients and healthy controls
As part of their efforts to gain legal and social acceptance, both the UDV and the Santo Daime churches have welcomed mental health professionals and other scientists to conduct research among their members.
A ayahuasca e tradicionalmente utilizada por diversas populacoes indigenas da Amazonia, sendo adotada desde os anos 1930 como sacramento por varios grupos religiosos no Brasil, incluindo o Santo Daime (Igreja do Culto Ecletico da Fluente Luz Universal Patrono Sebastiao Mota de Melo, ICEFLU) e o UDV (Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal) (Labate & MacRae, 2006, 2010; Labate, Rose, & Santos, 2009).
Pleas for tolerance from groups like the Church of Cognizance, pleas that will be heard more and more in the wake of the UDV ruling, pose an obvious challenge to drug warriors who claim to value religious freedom.
Su existencia parece remontarse a la epoca pre-Colombina y esta sustancia es empleada en rituales de tres grupos religiosos en Brasil: UDV, Barquena y Santo Daime.
"We are of course very pleased and grateful for this decision," Jeffrey Bronfman, the spiritual leader of the American branch of the UDV, told a reporter fl)r the Albuquerque Journal, a New Mexico daily.
Opposing any hoasca exemption, government lawyers tried to distinguish the peyote law as reflecting "the sui generis political status of Indian Tribes" (several justices sounded skeptical at oral argument), and insisted that a victory for UDV would vastly complicate the war on drugs.
He was named president of Diageo's wine operations in 2001, assuming responsibility for the integrated wine operations of Guinness UDV North America and Seagram Chateau & Estate Wines.
Madisonville Louisiana Coca-Cola Enterprises Dunkerque France SYSCO Columbia South Carolina Guinness UDV Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania H.E.
Among the larger sublease deals signed were Andor Capital Management's 144,340 SF at Greenwich American Centre, UDV's 47,600 SF at 9 West Broad St.