UECSUrban Ecology and Conservation Symposium (Portland, OR)
UECSUnified Emergency Care System (Defence Medical Services, UK)
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After this step, the capacity utilization rate (CUR) and unit energy cost (UEC) can be calculated by (14) and (15), respectively:
The most important factors on the UEC are the life of the system, the replacement periods of equipment's used in the system, the sale of excess energy, inflation, and discount rates in the country.
In LCC and UEC calculations, in particular, the economic conditions of the country, the assumptions made, and the system life are important parameters.
All calculation results for LCC, UEC, CUR, and excess energy are summarized in Table 5.
Always thought of as a rare tumor; UEC has accounted for up to 9% of endometrial carcinomas in some reports.
(5) They have concluded that UEC can present in either pure or mixed forms, a finding that also applies to similar cases from the ovary.
Immunohistochemical characteristics of UEC include focal staining (<10%) for keratin AE1/AE3 (5,7), CAM 5.2, and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA).
The data reveiwed above demonstrate that in ad libitum-fed Sprague-Dawley female rats and under the experimental conditions of the TEN rat model, UECs (and thus BECs and tissue ethanol concentrations) are lower in pregnant rats than nonpregnant females given the same dose of ethanol (Badger et al.