UECUUtilities Employees Credit Union (Reading, PA)
UECUUnited Educators Credit Union (Minnesota)
UECUUnion for Experimenting Colleges and Universities (consortium)
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UECU has been serving employees in the utility and energy industries for over 80 years," said UECU President/CEO Patricia Zyma.
All ClearChoice employees will join the UECU staff, according to credit union officials.
Abbreviations: FNS = functional neuromuscular stimulation, FSR = force sensitive resistor, HNP = hybrid neuroprosthesis, IRGO = isocentric reciprocating gait orthosis, PW = pulse width, RGO = reciprocating gait orthosis, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCKM = stance-control knee mechanism, THKAFO = trunk-hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, UECU = universal external control unit, VCHM = variable-constraint hip mechanism.
The UECU project involved a range of MathWorks products beyond MATLAB and Simulink , including Signal Processing Blockset , Stateflow , Real-Time Workshop , xPC Target , and xPC Target Embedded Option .
Abbreviations: AFO = ankle-foot orthosis, FNS = functional neuromuscular stimulation, FSKC = finite state knee controller, FSR = force sensitive resistor, HNP = hybrid neuroprosthesis, IRGO = isocentric reciprocal gait orthosis, KAFO = knee-anklefoot orthosis, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCKM = stance control knee mechanism, UECU = Universal External Control Unit.
Zyma has been with UECU through much of its transition into the tech era.
The credit union's branchless concept is attractive to millennials, though members of all ages are drawn to it, often because lower operating costs and a virtually nonexistent capital expenditures budget allow UECU to offer better rates, Zyma said.
The correlation between input voltage to the UECU from the controller and grasp pattern command was determined by software in the UECU.
Together we've honed a low-cost, virtual credit union model that allows UECU to pay members some of the highest savings rates and rewards of any institution in the country," Yeager said in the July 7 announcement.