UEDUser Experience Design (job field)
UEDUnited Earth Directorate (Starcraft Broodwar)
UEDUniversal Extra Dimension (particle physics)
UEDUnidirectional Error Detecting
UEDUnited Energy Distribution Pty. Limited (Victoria, Australia)
UEDUnearned Discount
UEDUniverselle Européenne de Danse (French: Universal European Dance)
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In a letter to OPE posted on Twitter, UED wrote: "You are certainly aware of the Trade Mark, since your figurative sign OPE Sports is without any doubt substantially identical to the Trade Mark.
UED also wrote complaining to the Premier League, but was told in a letter by the league: "Without commenting on the contents of the letter, the matters complained of are not relevant to us and are instead issues that your client should direct to Huddersfield Town AFC and/or its shirt sponsor.
SLAC Director Chi-Chang Kao said, "Together with complementary data from SLAC's X-ray laser Linac Coherent Light Source, UED creates unprecedented opportunities for ultrafast science in a broad range of disciplines, from materials science to chemistry to the biosciences.
Table-1:Showing effect of domain size on CD and Nuavat Re = 40 and Pr = 7 for CST CHF and UED
Table-3: Effect of mesh size on CD and Nuavunder UED conditions at Re = 40 andPr = 7
By using the xsi:type="TerminalsType" the terminal of Listing 2 is described using the UED standard (line 16 to line 40).
Interestingly, this information is indeed comparable with the mobility characteristics as defined in MPEG-21 DIA UED.
For Hannigan, the UED finds its origins at the end of the 19th century in what many have called the "golden age" of pubic amusements.
Built on the principles that technology is fun, and that risk can be riskless, and on an ambience which combines routine social interaction with orchestrated leisure, the modern UED has become an important cultural and economic feature of the urban landscape.
This smart meter rollout will allow customers to better manage their energy consumption at a time when we are all becoming more energy focused," said Hugh Gleeson, CEO, UED.
UED is a Victorian electricity distribution company.
Louis, MO, UED provides a complete package of architectural and engineering services and is part of an integrated group of design-build companies including United Excel Construction (UEC) which performs construction and Mill Creek (MC) which specializes in the outfitting of furniture, fixtures and equipment, equipment planning, transition planning and move management.