UEEUniversalisation of Elementary Education
UEEUnited Earth Empire (gaming)
UEEUniversity Extended Education (California State University system; various locations)
UEEUnifying the European Experience
UEEUniversité Européenne d'Ecriture (French: European University of Scripture; Belgium)
UEEUniversité d'Eté de l'Environnement (French: Summer University of the Environment)
UEEUma Empresa Estatal (Portuguese: A State Enterprise)
UEEUnit Essential Equipment
UEEUnione Economica Europea (Italian: European Economic Union)
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Hace falta anotar que desde el ano de 1994 sale la iniciativa del presidente de Kazajstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, para crear una Integracion economica entre los tres paises; despues sabiamos los pasos de la integracion y la necesidad de crear una Union Aduanera, la cual fue creada en el ano 2010, la base de creacion de la UEE.
According to Garcia Laborda (2006), the studies which have considered any aspect related to the English exam in the Spanish UEE have been divided into three categories: first, the studies in which the validity the exam design is tackled; second, the ones which offer results regarding the issues of construct validity, inter- and intra-rater reliability, the raters' scoring process, the raters' gender or working place and their effect on the rating process, etc.
Is there any difference between the students preparing for the HSPT and those preparing for UEE in terms of test anxiety?
The Finnish fertiliser company Kemira GrowHow Oyj said on Tuesday (28 March) that it had set up a new joint venture with chemicals company UEE Chem S.
The company will also lease the office building that it owns in Salt Lake City to UEE.
As soon as the transaction with UEE is consummated, the board of directors will be able to focus attention on other strategic priorities.
UEE offers more than 50 professional development certificate programs, as well as individual courses, seminars and workshops.
In addition, the company and UEE entered into a "cooperation agreement," which according to Day will help "pave the way for UEE and MSI to better coordinate critical business decisions from now until the time of closing of the purchase of the explosives business by UEE.
Accordingly, the company felt it was in the best interest of the shareholders to take advantage of the opportunity to sell its explosives business to UEE so that it can better focus on its specialty chemicals business.
Most of the Company's current management team will become employees of UEE's North American subsidiary, and investors in a new UEE subsidiary, in connection with the transaction.
Construction work on the 1,700 square metre, state-of the-art manufacturing and R&D space at UEES is gathering pace and will deliver the UK's first 'Faculty on the Factory Floor' for undergraduates and postgraduates in the first year.
Our team here has been following a policy of diversification and innovation for more than five years,' said UEES managing director Carol Burke.