UEHUniversité d'Etat d'Haiti (French: State University of Haiti)
UEHUrban Environmental Health
UEHUniversity Eye Hospital (Afghanistan)
UEHUnstructured Exception Handling (programming)
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Virtually all hydrolyzates showed antimicrobial activity suited to inhibiting the growth of Gram-negative bacteria Salmonella choleraesuis, a sample concentration lower than 10% being necessary, with the exception of samples FB HU, FP HU, GEL HU (did not solubilize) and PTL EHU (17.5%), PTL UEH (15%), PTL EH (20%) (Table 5).
The high allometric exponents of the Hut, Hup, Ueh, Uew and Umd may reflect the requirments for flight: a thicker ulna reflect enhancement of bone strength; scaling change of Hut and Hup is mainly due to the development of a series of superstructures, such as internal and external tuberosities, bicipital and deltoid crests, which are necessary for the attachment of muscles, especially M.
Zennach indicated Wednesday in court that he is familiar with the publicity surrounding Ueh lin's property.
The present report describes an in vivo experiment designed to correlate the estrogenic end points of uterine epithelial cell height (UEH) and vaginal epithelial thickness (VET) with blood and fat levels of o,p'-DDT and [Beta]-HCH in ovariectomized mice.