UEKAEUlusal Elektronik ve Kriptoloji Arastirma Enstitüsü (Turkish: National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology)
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Teridian Semiconductor Corporation, a leading supplier of advanced smart card reader integrated circuits and System-on-Chips, announced today that TUBITAK UEKAE, National Research Institute of Electronics & Cryptology, Turkey has selected Teridian's 73S1215F integrated circuit as the hardware basis for its common smart card terminal, that will be deployed in conjunction with the up-coming launch of e-Government and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) smart cards.
TUBITAK UEKAE was given the responsibility of designing, implementing and validating the security infrastructure of the system on site by the Turkish government due to UEKAE's specialist research in the field of communications and data security.
TUBITAK UEKAE produces and applies scientific and technological solutions in a wide variety of areas, including information security, communications, cryptographic algorithm design, EMC/TEMPEST tests, microelectronics, optoelectronics and speech technologies.
A four-year project by TUBITAK UEKAE will provide the necessary test infrastructure and advanced R&D facilities for software defined radio, and may include facilities for cognitive radio.
Olcer added that since TUBITAK UEKAE has begun developing a universal test bed for SCA compliance, the organization also hopes to take a more active role in standardization activities in the SDR community via its SDR Forum membership.