UEPBUganda Export Promotion Board
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Samples from 0 to 20 cm layer were collected in a native area located at the UEPB campus.
The UEPB has reported a substantial increase in registered exporters since the start of the NES, attributed to the fact that the private sector is now much better informed about export opportunities and receives strong support from the UEPB and other trade support institutions (TSIs).
Samples of 1 kg were collected in the 0 to 20 cm layer in a native area located at UEPB campus to perform the chemical analysis, according to Embrapa (1997) methodology, presenting the following characteristics: Sand= 63.90; Silt= 20.65; Clay= 15.45; Bulk density= 1.41 g [cm.sup.-3]; Saturation moisture= 23.16 g [kg.sup.-1]; Field capacity moisture= 11.23 g [kg.sup.-1]; Wilting point moisture = 6.56 g [kg.sup.-1]; Ca = 4.63 cmolc [dm.sup.-3]; Mg = 2.39 cmolc [dm.sup.-3]; Na = 0.30 cmol / [dm.sup.-3]; K = 0.76 cmolc [dm.sup.-3]; Sum of bases- SB = 8.08 cmolc [dm.sup.-3]; Al = 0.00 cmolc [dm.sup.-3]; CEC = 8.08 and organic matter = 1.88%.
The Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) is championing efforts to create awareness about this burgeoning opportunity through a strategy that includes workshops, communication and public relations tools, as well as using the media.
O trabalho foi desenvolvido entre os meses de janeiro e maio do ano de 2012, em ambiente protegido no Setor Experimental de Fruticultura e Ecofisiologia Vegetal, pertencente ao Centro de Ciencias Humanas e Agrarias (CCHA), Campus IV da Universidade Estadual da Paraiba (UEPB), localizado no municipio de Catole do Rocha, PB, situado a 6[degrees] 21' de latitude S e 37[degrees] 48' de longitude O Gr., a uma altitude de 250 m.
Para encontrar essa alteracao genetica, pesquisadores da UEPB e do Centro de Estudos do Genoma Humano na Universidade de Sao Paulo investiram mais de dez anos em pesquisa.
The Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) won the award for Best TPO from a Least Developed Country for boosting exports in new sectors, raising the profile of trade and maximizing the value of ICTs and communications for customer services.
The Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) is offering this new market analysis service to Ugandan firms and trade support institutions through a partnership with ITC.