UERIUrban Economic Research Institute (Japan)
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Uzak dueltmeli orta mesafe (70 cm) gorme keskinliginde 0,7 ve ueri goren hasta orani %57,5 iken, 0,8 ve ueri goren hasta orani sadece %18 olarak olculdu Uzak dueltmeli yakin gormesi (33 cm.) 0,7 ve utuolan hasta orani %84,8 iken 0,8 ve daha iyi gormesi olan hasta orani %57,5 bulundu (Tablo 2).
Uzak dueltmeli orta mesafe (70 cm) gorme keskinlig inde 0,7 ve ueri goren hasta orani %57,5 iken, 0,8 ve ueri goren hasta orani sadece %18 olarak tespit edildi.
Alfonso ve arkadaslari (10), Acri.LISA bifokal lens uygulanan olgularda 3.ayda uzak dueltmeli en iyi yakin gormeleri 0,7 ve ueri olan hasta oraninin %96 oldugunu bildirmistir.Bizim calismami zda bu oran % 85 olmustur.
55,9 At ego, ut dixi, multiiuga sacra et plurimos ritus et uarias cerimonias studio ueri et officio erga deos didici ('But as I say, I have learned numerous cults, manifold rites, and various ceremonies in my ardour for truth and my sense of duty towards the gods').
(71) The illegitimate titles are: (1) that the Emperor is sovereign of the world; (2) "that the pope is monarch of the whole world, even in temporals;" (3) title by right of discovery (in ueri inuentionis); (4) that the Indians refuse to receive the faith of Christ, even after being taught it; (5) that they commit mortal sins that they should be compelled to give up; (6) that the barbarians freely choose to accept Spanish domination; and (7) that God has given the "damned" Indians to the Spaniards as the Canaanites once were delivered to the Jews (Num.
By the terms of the last line of the poem, 879 'siquid habent ueri uatum praesagia, uiuam', Ovid in fact becomes his own uates; cf.