UESPUtah Educational Savings Plan
UESPUnofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
UESPUniversity Exploratory Studies Program (Oregon State University)
UESPUniversity External Studies Program (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
UESPUniversity Earth Science Pathfinder
UESPUnified Enterprise Survey Program (Canada)
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El resto proviene, o bien de grandes frigorificos de otras ciudades (7%), o bien de pequenos mataderos localizados dentro del perimetro urbano (Uval y Usme) y en municipios vecinos como Soacha, Zipaquira, Funza y Caqueza (19%) (UESP, 2005; Vargas et al., 1999b).
En Ciudad Bolivar, por ejemplo, se estima que cerca del 10% de la carne se vende en tiendas de barrio (UESP y UD, 2006).
The FH and RH patients exhibited similar LESP, LESRP, IRP, UESP, DEA, DCI, TBTT, and CBTR values.
Belch SAP positivity and the total bolus exposure were positive predictors of IEM; CBTR and UESP values were negative predictors.
Stepwise linear regression showed that belch SAP positivity and total bolus exposure were positive predictors of IEM and CBTR and UESP values were negative predictors.
While the state offers a nice bonus of tax credits for contributions to UESP accounts, Utah's college savings plan has a greater vision in mind.
Also, contributions to a UESP account are treated as a completed gift to the beneficiary for federal estate and gift tax purposes.
In addition, earnings in UESP accounts grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals are not subject to state or federal income taxes when used for qualified higher education expenses.
No significant differences were noted in age, LESP, UESP, and SI among the three groups (P > 0.05), suggesting that patients in various groups were comparable after randomized and double-blinded grouping.
Age (years) LESP (mmHg) A group 43.13 [+ or -] 13.11 15.90 [+ or -] 7.24 B group 48.03 [+ or -] 11.41 17.77 [+ or -] 7.40 C group 41.23 [+ or -] 13.62 17.85 [+ or -] 6.87 Rvalue 0.109 0.496 UESP (mmHg) SI (%) A group 42.19 [+ or -] 13.17 49.09 [+ or -] 35.13 B group 48.63 [+ or -] 19.97 46.86 [+ or -] 33.90 C group 44.47 [+ or -] 20.49 54.47 [+ or -] 35.75 Rvalue 0.385 0.687 Table 2: Comparisons of SF-36 scores before and one and two weeks after the treatment.
In my six years, the UESP has grown from $790 million in 48,000 accounts to $3.6 billion in 167,000 accounts."