UEWUnited Electrical Workers (union)
UEWUnited Estates of Wythenshawe (social services; Manchester, UK)
UEWUnion of Environment Workers
UEWUniversity of Education at Winneba (Winneba, Ghana)
UEWUncorrelated ELINT Workorder
UEWUnderwater Ergometer in Water (physiology)
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Wilson was at the Industrial Relations Centre at Queen's before going to work for the WEA and then as research director for the UEW in 1945.
UEW is also home to FareShare, a business that collects unsold food from supermarkets then redistributes it amongst local charities.
The majority of the words in the analyzed set of vocabulary are nouns, but--in so far as my etymological inferences prove to be true--there are some suffixes that are added to verbal stems (furthermore, in some cases, the UEW provides a verbal noun as a starting point).
On the left side facing the centre was the large delegation of the UEW led by Harris and Jackson.
However, there is one other well-established etymology where PU *n- is reflected as PMari *j-: MariE jalme, MariW jalma 'tongue' < PMari *jilma < PU *nalma (> SaaN njalbmi 'mouth', KhE nalam, MsE mlam, Hung nyelv 'tongue'; UEW 313-314).
For a better relative comparison, etymological equivalents in some other languages (Uralic and Tibeto-Burman, as suggested by some other scholars) are cited according to the relevant etymological dictionaries UEW and CD5ST (1996).
MdE oj, MdM vaj 'fat, butter, oil '< *vaj < PU *waji; UEW 578), MdE pid'e-, MdM pid'e- 'cook (tr.
SKES II 430-431; Itkonen 1968 : 500; UEW II 717; SSA 2 : 265).
SaaN bahti 'caldron' < PSaa *pate < Fi pata 'caldron' < PU *pata 'pot'; UEW 358), but this cannot be the case with SaaT caxped due to its initial affricate c-.
Im TESz (II 442) wird die finnisch-ugrische Grundform *meca rekonstruiert und ebenso erscheint sie im UEW (1986 : 269), wobei auf einen baltischen Ursprung nicht hingewiesen wird (s.
Namely, we need to give attention to Karoly Redei's supposition about the descent of the Hungarian ninitial negation words from the Uralic demonstrative pronoun *na (MSzFE III 1978 : 464--466; UEW 1986--1988 : 70, 30; Etymologisches Worterbuch des Ungarischen 1993-1995 : 1022), which is quite possible (see Honti 1997 : 164-165).
This at the 2012/2013 Matriculation of 3,890 students to undertake diploma and post-diploma courses through distance and sandwich for the Southern Sector, said the Vice-Chancellor of UEW, Professor Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw.