UF1Universal Fungal Primer 1
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UF1 was awarded a Partial Completion Certificate that makes the concessionaire eligible to 90% of the revenues corresponding to this UF.
The control unit is responsible for scheduling the data flow as follows: the UF1 processes the input image along the rows and generates the intermediate images FH and FL, these sub images are stored in UM1 and UM2 for be carried out to UF2 and UF3 where images are processed by columns, in UF2 the coefficients of the FHL, FHH sub images are generated while in UF3 both FLL and FLH are provided.
Those leaves younger than FI (folded) were designated F2, F3, and etc., and those older (unfolded) were designated UF1, UF2, etc.
The central lobe length of this tagged leaf blade, as well as that of the F2, F3, UF1, UF2, and UF3 leaves, was measured with a ruler.
-- 0.46 cm) were sampled from the two youngest unfolded (expanding) leaves (UF1 and UF2) to form a composite sample.
The Ultraform UF1 is intended for OD grinding of bearing races or fuel injector components.
Of the delayed UFs, UF1 is expected to achieve partial completion due to the concessionaire delivering most of the works on the completion date; the works not delivered are related to a Liability Exculpatory Event (LEE) related to obstacles in utilities reallocation and officially acknowledged by ANI.
Along with the LEE, UF1 also had modifications in scope and delivery date (the completion date of some works was rescheduled to February, 2018 from October, 2017) as a result of an addendum to the concession agreement (Otrosi 7).
Los anillos se fijaron por su luz mediante dos alambres finos de acero inoxidable, el uno se anclo a la base de la camara y el otro se acoplo a un transductor isometrico (Harvard UF1) conectado a su vez con el sistema de registro por computador (Videograph II CODAS CI).