UF4Uranium Tetrafluoride
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All uranium fluorides are created using uranium tetrafluoride (UF4).
This compound can be prepared from uranium dioxide and uranium hydride by the following process: UO2 + 4 HF UF4 + 2H2O (500 oC, endothermic) UF4 + F2 UF6 (350 oC, endothermic).
These measures include providing information to the agency concerning alleged studies on the conversion of uranium dioxide into UF4, high explosives testing, and the design of a missile re-entry vehicle.
10, 2005: Iran begins to remove the seals on the process lines and the UF4 at the uranium conversion facility in Esfahan.
The work includes converting mined uranium, known as yellowcake, into a gas, uranium tetra-fluoride, or UF4, in a process that occurs a step before enrichment.
Unless otherwise described, all plants were grown in an environmental chamber [20 [degrees] C, 16-h photoperiod; cool white fluorescent bulbs (Sylvania/GTE, Danvers, MA) filtered by UF4 plexiglas (Rohm and Haas, Philadelphia, PA) to exclude wavelengths [is less than] ~400 nm].
Salehi said that Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has given instructions to the AEOI, which include production of UF6, production of UF4 and the assembly center for new machines.
IAEA investigation of allegations that Iran is pursuing the "Green Salt Project" (for conversion of uranium dioxide into UF4, the precursor for UF6 that is used in an enrichment plant), as well as high explosives and missile reentry vehicle designs, has yielded little information thus far from Iranian officials, who say the allegations are baseless.
(6) Iran imported, but did not declare, 1800 kilograms of natural uranium in different forms: uranium hexafluoride (UF6), which is used in centrifuge enrichment; uranium tetra fluoride (UF4); and uranium oxide (U02).
The 1800 kilograms of natural uranium consisted of: uranium hexafluoride (UF6), which is used in centrifuge enrichment; uranium tetrafluoride (UF4); and uranium oxide (U02).