UF4Uranium Tetrafluoride
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Reduction of UF4 with hydrogen at 1000oC produces uranium trifluoride (UF3).
This compound can be prepared from uranium dioxide and uranium hydride by the following process: UO2 + 4 HF UF4 + 2H2O (500 oC, endothermic) UF4 + F2 UF6 (350 oC, endothermic).
These measures include providing information to the agency concerning alleged studies on the conversion of uranium dioxide into UF4, high explosives testing, and the design of a missile re-entry vehicle.
10, 2005: Iran begins to remove the seals on the process lines and the UF4 at the uranium conversion facility in Esfahan.
IAEA investigation of allegations that Iran is pursuing the "Green Salt Project" (for conversion of uranium dioxide into UF4, the precursor for UF6 that is used in an enrichment plant), as well as high explosives and missile reentry vehicle designs, has yielded little information thus far from Iranian officials, who say the allegations are baseless.
The balance of CAP's debt is composed primarily of a 15-year local bond issue for UF4 million (equivalent to US$155 million) that amortizes between 2009 and 2020; a $200 million yankee bond due in 2036; and a $150 million syndicated loan from ABN AMRO Bank, which begins amortizing in October 2009 in semiannual installments of $25 million and $30 million bank loan from Santander, that amortizes between 2010 and 2013.
Iran converted the UF4 into uranium metal (see below), and used the UO2 in various processing experiments, including isotope production and purification and conversion processes.
Debt issuance program and new bond issuance for UF4,500,000 assigned new national scale rating of 'A+(chl)'.
Bonds issuance series B1 for UF4,000,000 assigned new national scale long-term rating of 'AA-(chl)'.