UFACUniversidade Federal do Acre (Portuguese: Federal University of Acre; Acre, Brazil)
UFACUpholstered Furniture Action Council
UFACUnsaturated Fatty Acid Acyl Chain (biochemistry)
UFACUnlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement.
UFACUrban Forest Advisory Committee (Dallas, TX)
UFACUnderground Facility Analysis Center
UFACUnity for a Change
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Por razoes locais diversas, essa meta foi atingida em graus variaveis, tendo sido entrevistados todos os 38 alunos da UFBA (100%), 70 dos 78 alunos da UFRN (90%), 95 dos 128 da UFMG (74%), 21 dos 34 da UFMT (62%), 20 dos 34 da UFRJ (59%), 15 dos 19 da UFPR (79%) e 45 dos 80 da UFAC (56%).
How will UFAC compete as the industry consolidates further?
While normal testing conducted by Hartz and UFAC has not revealed the presence of Salmonella in any Hartz products, recent sampling conducted by the FDA did detect the presence of Salmonella.
In designing a UFAC system, one needs to consider the velocity of supply air as it exits from UFAC outlets.
It is estimated that more than 85 percent of furniture manufactured in this country conforms to the UFAC standard.
4) Treatment four: The UFAC hang-tags are used as in treatment two.
UFAC is an association of furniture manufacturers, retailers and suppliers organized for the purpose of conducting ongoing research into more cigarette-resistant upholstering methods and encouraging compliance throughout the industry.
When buying new upholstered furniture, look for the gold UFAC tag, ensuring that the manufacturer has agreed to meet the Council's construction criteria.
They [the CPSC] may not be totally free with information until they get all their ducks in a row," said Joe Ziolkowski, vice president of technical services of AFMA and executive director of UFAC.
Noting that fires involving the ignition of upholstered furniture continued to occur despite the existence of UFAC and California standards, the NASFM petition requested that CPSC develop national standards addressing fires caused by smoldering cigarettes and small open flames.