UFACUniversidade Federal do Acre (Portuguese: Federal University of Acre; Acre, Brazil)
UFACUpholstered Furniture Action Council
UFACUnsaturated Fatty Acid Acyl Chain (biochemistry)
UFACUnlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement.
UFACUrban Forest Advisory Committee (Dallas, TX)
UFACUnderground Facility Analysis Center
UFACUnity for a Change
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A "uFAC" micro-USB interface provides full control and reporting of any SFP/SFP+ registers including settings for video interface and link statistics, SFP status, etc.
[beaucoup moins que]Le film des evenements dans les differents pays, oE des soulevements populaires ont ete constates, offre tous les signes d'une operation planifiee et coordonnee dans laquelle les influences exterieures semblent determinantes[beaucoup plus grand que] affirme Abdelkader Haddouche, de l'Union des universitaires franco-algeriens (Ufac).
A pesquisadora que escreve este artigo fundou a Unati, na Ufac, Universidade Federal do Acre, em julho de 1999.
UFAC describes itself as the leading specialist UK manufacturer of energy, protein and omega 3 supplements.
Both lot codes were manufactured for Hartz by UFAC (USA) Inc.
You mentioned some efforts by the Department of Homeland Security, which is good work, but quite frankly it pales in comparison to what the UFAC has done and continues to accomplish on a daily basis.
A UFAC system is comparable to a DV system in that both systems occasionally supply cold air from floor-mounted diffusers.
The newer version of the draft standard now also calls for a modified mockup piece designed according to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) specifications for the smoldering resistance tests, and requires that a cigarette be left on the mock-up for 30 minutes.