UFADUnder Floor Air Distribution (heating and air conditioning system)
UFADUjima for Africa Development (est. 2000)
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In light of the above, Tenants of G4 Mega corporate Tower have been advised to install UFAD Systems to realize these energy savings.
In comparison to conventional overhead systems that deliver air through ceiling diffusers, UFAD systems supply conditioned air close to occupants through floor diffusers.
Particularly utilized in reconfigurable and open plan offices where raised floors are desirable for cable management, UFAD is also becoming common in IT data centers and server rooms that have large cooling loads from electronic equipment and requirements for routing power and data cables.
The temperature of supplied air is maintained at 16[degrees]C (60.8[degrees]F) for MV and 20[degrees]C (68[degrees]F) for UFAD and DV.
The concepts of air delivery were especially critical and the team was leaning towards using the UFAD system.
Ring said UFAD systems usually are installed in office buildings as part of a complete underfloor power, data, telephony and air solution.
The electrically operated heads are low cost, and offer a variety of patterns, including single and multiple outlets, extrusion, spray, UFAD Air Dispersed, and slot coating.
Spraymation introduced its Ultra Fine Air Dispersed (UFAD) applicator head, which forms a very fine, thin pattern.
Four buildings were used as part of this analysis based on the application of underfloor air distribution (UFAD) systems: medium office, large office, primary school, and secondary school.
Energy savings have been achieved through improved envelope performance that includes a high performance glazing system with low U values, high performance chillers with better performance, a dedicated outdoor air system with energy recovery, UFAD systems for tenant spaces, a better lighting density and lighting control system and a state of the art automated Building Management system controlling HVAC, Electrical and Lighting Systems.
3) HVAC technologies related to space cooling and heating: natural ventilation, night purge, underfloor air distribution (UFAD), chilled beam, high efficient equipment and ground source heat pump.
Under-floor air distribution (UFAD) systems have been identified with potentially better performance in providing enhanced indoor air quality (IAQ), thermal comfort, and energy efficiency in comparison to conventional mixing-ventilation (MV) systems with ceiling supply diffusers (Bauman 2003; Cermak and Melikov 2006).