UFADUnder Floor Air Distribution (heating and air conditioning system)
UFADUjima for Africa Development (est. 2000)
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UFAD guide: Design, construction, and operation of underfloor air distribution systems.
In light of the above, Tenants of G4 Mega corporate Tower have been advised to install UFAD Systems to realize these energy savings.
In comparison to conventional overhead systems that deliver air through ceiling diffusers, UFAD systems supply conditioned air close to occupants through floor diffusers.
The raised access floor allows accessibility to other building system infrastructure, such as power and data cabling, to facilitate easier space reconfiguration," says James Megerson, lead author of ASHRAE's new UFAD publication.
2[degrees]F) under MV, while temperature stratification can be observed under UFAD and DV.
Flexibility of Space: UFAD allows for an adaptable environment that a conventional overhead system does not because desks can be moved and floor tiles can be repositioned.
Ring said UFAD systems usually are installed in office buildings as part of a complete underfloor power, data, telephony and air solution.
The primary objectives of this study are to determine whether UFAD in practice results in improved ventilation effectiveness compared to mixing ventilation (implying improved indoor air quality in the occupied zone) and differences in the predicted thermal comfort.
Integrating a PV system with the UFAD system is seen as a strategy to potentially cool the facial region while keeping the feet region warm.
UFAD systems use a pressurized under-floor airway to supply conditioned air to the occupied zone through floor diffusers.
2008) stated that exhaled droplets during normal breathing were trapped in the breathing zone by thermal stratification under DV and UFAD, which might lead to higher exposure risk for other co-occupants.
The key to a successful UFAD system is an UFAD diffuser's ability to mix room air into supply air rapidly at low velocities.