UFBRUpflow Fixed Bed Reactor
UFBRUniversal Fast Breeder Reactor
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PP/UFBR blends have a rheological behavior of high melt strength PP at relative high UFBR content in the blend (10 wt%), which is probably attributed to regeneration of free-radical yielded by decomposition of peroxide group on the UFBR particle surface (UFBR-OOH) during the melt blending process.
UFBR particles in a size between 50 and 100 nm dispersed in PP matrix are clearly seen in Fig.
The strong interfacial interaction between dispersed UFBR phase and PP matrix makes UFBR particles acting as a cross-linking points, and the material behaving as a highly branched PP in rheology.
1, low UFBR content blends shows, basically, behaviors of linear-like PP.