UFBRUpflow Fixed Bed Reactor
UFBRUniversal Fast Breeder Reactor
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As stated above, the blends of PP/UFBR show a rheological behavior of linear polymer at low UFBR concentration (<5 wt%), but a rheological behavior of highly branched PP at UFBR content of 10 wt%.
PP/UFBR blends have a rheological behavior of high melt strength PP at relative high UFBR content in the blend (10 wt%), which is probably attributed to regeneration of free-radical yielded by decomposition of peroxide group on the UFBR particle surface (UFBR-OOH) during the melt blending process.
UFBR particles in a size between 50 and 100 nm dispersed in PP matrix are clearly seen in Fig.
PP/PP MA/UFBR (wt%) Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation at break (%) 100/0/0 40.3 431.9 97.5/0/2.5 32.3 21.9 96.5/1/2.5 33.9 340.6 95/23/2.5 31.4 321.5 92.5/5/2.5 32.9 430.8 PP814 33.8 715 The strong interfacial interaction between dispersed UFBR phase and PP matrix makes UFBR particles acting as a cross-linking points, and the material behaving as a highly branched PP in rheology.