UFCWUnited Food and Commercial Workers
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The new contract will cover 62,000 UFCW grocery workers, the union's largest bargaining unit.
For almost two years, the UFCW in Michigan has been advocating for this change to the distribution of food stamps," added Marv Russow, president of UFCW 876's Grand Rapids-based sister union, UFCW Local 951.
The seven locals of the UFCW will recommend ratification of the agreement to their members Oct.
We kept the union in there," says UFCW steward Dave Reed.
The NLRB judge has ordered Wal-Mart to recognize UFCW Local 540, to restore the reassigned workers' meat-cutting duties and to engage in collective bargaining with Local 540, including bargaining over the impact of the company's elimination of meat-cutting and its change to case-ready meat.
Despite a majority 241 signatures, the UFCW vetoed a second vote, requesting a better deal be tabled by Safeway.
Ron Kazel, UFCW assistant to the president, confirmed that a representative from the UFCW International has been assigned to assist the local chapter in its organizing efforts.
He came to the UFCW six years ago, and has developed this set of strategies to help produce successful organizing campaigns:
While many workers are forced to rely on less secure investments, like 401 (k) plans, or have no retirement at all, many UFCW members have retirement security through their pension benefits that provide for a monthly payment for their lifetime after they retire.
According to Bashas' suit, the company's problems with the UFCW began in 2001, when the union filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board.
The city cannot take any official action that would end the strike, but several members have come out on behalf of the UFCW.
The new pact covers approximately 900 UFCW 951 members and will be in effect until October 2011.