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UFEUterine Fibroid Embolization
UFEUfficio Federale dell'Energia
UFEUniversity of Finance and Economics (Mongolia)
UFEUltra Fuel Economy
UFEUltra Fast Ethernet
UFEUnion des Français de l'Etranger (French: Union of French Citizens Abroad)
UFEUnited for a Fair Economy
UFEUnion Française de l'Electricité (French: French Union of Electricity)
UFEUniversité Française d'Egypte (French: French University of Egypt)
UFEUniform Final Examination
UFEUnion des Familles en Europe (French: Union of Families in Europe)
UFEUnité Formation et Enseignement (French: Training and Education Unit)
UFEUrban Challenge Final Event (DARPA)
UFEUnidentified Flags and Ensigns
UFEUnrestricted Free Agent
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UFE is a minimally-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids that is less painful, preserves the uterus and allows women to get back to their lives sooner than surgical options.
In order to acquire this objective, utilization focused evaluation (UFE) with its 17 steps framework4,5 was applied to evaluate ILP at BUMDC.
UFE is associated with shorter hospital stay and quicker resumption of normal activities.
Some people use the UFE rate, which is the average of the TEFE and TUFE rates, which is today 7.36 percent.
He got angry when I confronted him about it and said he was bored with his Ufe," she said.
Katie Davis, assistant youth work-work er at Canley UFE, said: "All students were absolutely brilliant, such a pleasure to work with and full of potential for the future."
Jacobs, the global marketing director of the brand's Ufe protection division, describes it as "a new-generation multithreat solution" because of its ability to withstand all manner of attacks.
With Germany and France intending to make their 'renewables Airbus' project a model that can be exported to the rest of the EU, the French Electricity Union (UFE) has published a timely report comparing the energy mix in the two countries.
In some cases they may even contribute to infertility by hampering implantation.3 A number of treatment options have been used over time, including surgery, pharmaceutical management, endometrial ablation and uterine fibroid embolisation (UFE).
Leaders of the Union of Filipro Employees (UFE) said Santos, as president of Filipro (now Nestle Philippines), opposed workers' demands for improved retirement benefits in a collective bargaining agreement.
Voila donc l'objectif ultime du projet propose par les activites pedagogiques que l'on cree, que l'on monte et que l'on diffuse a l'Universite francaise d'Egypte (UFE) en direction des enseignants egyptiens qui travaillent avec l'UFE et en direction des lycees, a programmes francais.