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UFEUterine Fibroid Embolization
UFEUfficio Federale dell'Energia
UFEUniversity of Finance and Economics (Mongolia)
UFEUltra Fuel Economy
UFEUltra Fast Ethernet
UFEUnion des Français de l'Etranger (French: Union of French Citizens Abroad)
UFEUnited for a Fair Economy
UFEUnion Française de l'Electricité (French: French Union of Electricity)
UFEUniversité Française d'Egypte (French: French University of Egypt)
UFEUniform Final Examination
UFEUnion des Familles en Europe (French: Union of Families in Europe)
UFEUnité Formation et Enseignement (French: Training and Education Unit)
UFEUrban Challenge Final Event (DARPA)
UFEUnidentified Flags and Ensigns
UFEUnrestricted Free Agent
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The two imperative hypothesis of UFE are that no evaluation should progress unless there are managers who will essentially be working on proofs that the evaluation will engender and dynamically participated in the course of overall assessment.
Various studies performed worldwide show that UFE has a promising role in the treatment of uterine fibroids.
We wonder how it would have been if this had not come out in the public," said UFE head Noel Alemania on Thursday.
UFE previously announced that classes will start today.
Unfortunately, some gynecologists hesitate to offer all the options, including UFE, because of surgical competition.
Recent reports in the medical literature have compared UFE with traditional treatments, such as hysterectomy and myomectomy.
This result implies that additional relevant (endocrine, metabolic, nutritional) influences on bioavailable plasma cortisol exist apart from the adrenal gland's glucocorticoid secretion, and it led us to examine whether the combined measurement of UFF + UFE may show better associations with such additional influences than does UFF alone.
After researching her options on the Internet, Peel learned about UFE.
The current study was a retrospective chart review of 234 patients (mean age 45 years) who underwent UFE performed by a single interventional radiologist between 1997 and 2004.
Come discover the value and quality that UFE contract assembly capabilities can bring to your medical products.
Engineers looking to get an good idea of what their mold costs will be can use a new online mold-cost estimator provided flee on the website of UFE Mold Manufacturing Group, Stillwator, Minn.