UFERIUnion of Federalists and Independent Republicans (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
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56) This echoed a provocation by Kasaians in Lubumbashi, after the appointment of Etienne Tshisekedi as prime minister on 15 August 1992: they had marched through the streets with two dogs wearing neckties to symbolize the previous prime minister, Nguz a Karl-I-Bond, and Governor Kyungu wa Kumwanza, the two Katangan leaders of the UFERI.
59) This colour recalled the violence against Kasaians, as members of the UFERI militia had worn red headbands.
64) Likewise, in the anecdote mentioned above, the songs of the UFERI militia, sung every night by the Katangese employee of the Gecamines, led young Kasaians who lived in the same area of Kolwezi to flee.