UFMCCUniversal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches
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A vote was held July 27 in which 88% of over 1,100 congregation members attending voted to split with UFMCC.
According to a UFMCC official, the denomination's core mission continues to be bringing gays and lesbians an "affirming Christian spirituality.
based UFMCC will lose close to 9% of its 46,000 members and at least $113,000, or 7%, of its annual operating budget.
Now that the investigation is behind them and their ties with the gay-focused UFMCC are severed, many members of the Cathedral of Hope are looking forward to their new mission.
The vote ended a UFMCC investigation into the alleged financial misdoings of Michael Piazza, the Cathedral of Hope dean who relinquished his credentials with the UFMCC in July and threatened to resign from the congregation if conflicts within the children are not lessened in the next few months.
The press release implied that the march had already been set by HRC, UFMCC, and Tyler, who was named executive producer.