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UFOUnidentified Flying Object
UFOUnified Film Organization
UFOUndefined Fantastic Object (video game)
UFOUnobtrusive Flash Objects
UFOUnited Future Organisation
UFOUnfinished Object
UFOUnidentified Floating Object
UFOUltra High Frequency Follow-On (Navy satellite program)
UFOUtah Festival Opera
UFOUn Finished Object (related to crafts; knitting, quilting, etc.)
UFOUltimate Frisbee Organization
UFOUnleaded Fuel Only
UFOUnidentified Foreign Object
UFOUnited Front Organization
UFOUnited Fraggers Order (gaming clan)
UFOUHF Follow-On satellite
UFOUniversal Fibre Optics (consortium)
UFOUntil Further Order(s)
UFOUnited Flying Octogenarians
UFOUnidentified Fried Object (cafeteria slang)
UFOUnavoidable Family Outing (Dave Hackett book)
UFOUnderwater Flying Object (from the movie 'The Abyss')
UFOUnbelievably Fun Object (Megatech RC toy)
UFOUlead File Object (file extension)
UFOUnion Food Outlet
UFOUniversal Freight Organisation (Hampshire, England, UK)
UFOUSB FireWire Organizer
UFOUnfolding and Partial Order Techniques (workshop)
UFOUnified Font Object (XML-based font format)
UFOUnidentified Floral Organs (Arabidopsis thaliana F-box protein)
UFOUnidentified Flowing Orifice (House; TV show)
UFOUbiquitous Findable Object
UFOUnfertilized Oocyte
UFOUn-Filled Orders
UFOUnidentified FMS Order
UFOUniversal Friendship Organization (Manipur)
UFOUser Files On-Line
UFOUtregse Frisbee Organisation
UFOUpgrade from Offline
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But here's the clincher: some scientists believe that there are truly UFOs around us.
They sounded magnificent with the epic Love To Love, drenched in melody and drama as well as a jaw-dropping guitar solo, summing up the majesty of UFO in one song.
He added: "When I made a close up photo of the UFO I didn't see any wings, propellers, windows, to indicate it was a plane or jet."
Press the on button (once for Make My Day, twice for Call It A Night) and the UFO goes to work.
Once the 90 seconds are up, you can dispose of your sheet mask, hold the UFO under running water then use your fingers to pat any remaining essence into your skin until it's fully absorbed.
On his UFO Sightings Daily site, he said: "I was searching through Apollo 7 images and found this large metallic UFO in one of them."
Among the earlier sightings, a UFO was reported in the Aberdy Estuary by a caller who claimed his car engine stopped when he saw it.
Podcast UFO is a weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers and the search for alien intelligence.
He suggests that in the future UFO videographers like Kostadinov should:
What do you say to the skeptics who discount the UFO sightings?
The latest cache of documents chronicles the final reports of a department set up due to a surge in UFO "sightings" in a full-blown social phenomenon.
But others have argued there was an extraordinary explanation with at least one extraterrestrial UFO coming down.