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UFOCUniform Franchise Offering Circular
UFOCUtah Festival Opera Company (Logan, UT)
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While there may be risks in including financial performance information in an UFOC, they center primarily on providing inaccurate or misleading information.
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In addition to providing disclosure at the appropriate time, a franchise firm must also ensure that its UFOC properly discloses all required information, particularly relating to any franchise brokers.
The UFOC also indicates if any key individuals have been found liable in a civil action involving the franchise relationship.
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Filing a UFOC costs anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on the complexity of your franchise operation.
Also, how is a prospective franchisee supposed to put together any kind of loan package for the bank or other lenders when there is no financial disclosure in the UFOC? By relying on what existing franchisees may say the franchisor has no idea what is being told to the prospective buyer.
For example, regulators asked that an electronic UFOC be a single, unified document, without external hyperlinks or other extraneous information.
Even if this change cannot be made retroactively to year's end, consider making the change and including in your UFOC's updated, unaudited financial statements showing the improved financial picture.
These states generally follow a detailed disclosure format, known as the UFOC. Originally developed by the Midwest Securities Commissioners Association, the UFOC format is now under the authority of the North American Securities Administrators Association.