UFPJUnited for Peace and Justice
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...It is what you sent us to do last November!" The following Monday, UFPJ unleashed 1,000 grassroots activists on the Hill to swarm their representatives, demanding they support withdrawal resolutions and join the "Out of Iraq Caucus."
UNAC was possible in part because of the vacuum created by the dissolution of UFPJ but that very dissolution was symptomatic of the hard times facing all antiwar activists in recent years, manifested on the one hand in frustration that years of mobilizing have not yet ended Washington's wars, and on the other hand in illusions -- only just now beginning to break down that Obama would do the job for us.
UFPJ also expands the lens through which it condemns the war on terrorism to draw attention to larger issues of democracy, human rights, and justice abroad and at home.
The peace movement's tactics and mobilizing strategies as utilized by Win Without War, ANSWER, and UFPJ support Keck and Sikkink's research on TANs.
The UFPJ linked up with the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, based in Minneapolis, a grassroots organization built through some nonprofits and community groups.
The UFPJ's request for a permit went through the Coalition.
Although the city had denied UFPJ a permit to rally in Central Park, citing the need to protect the grass, many protesters gathered there anyway after the legal march downtown.
"They are just people off the streets wholesale," said UFPJ's Bill Dobbs.
The Parks and Recreation Department has refused to issue UFPJ a permit for a rally in Central Park, ostensibly out of concern for the vegetation.
Most of them are either affiliated with UFPJ or are not part of either ANSWER or UFPJ.
"Some groups in UFPJ are increasingly concerned about the question of an alternative occupation," explains Andrea Buffa, an activist with Global Exchange and a steering committee member of UFPJ.
Kauffman, a staff organizer for UFPJ. The Internet allowed UFPJ to start serious organizing with only $5,000 to $10,000.