UFPMUnit Fitness Program Manager (US Air Force)
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Experimental studies have demonstrated the influence of ultrafine particulate matter (UFPM < 100 nm) on prenatal development of the central nervous system and the resulting increased risk of depression [44].
In the total population (10-12 years) studied 74.8% had their maxillary first premolar (UFPM) erupted, 65.4% had mandibular first premolar (LFPM), 60.3% had mandibular canine (LC), 47.4% had maxillary canine (UC) , 43.8% had maxillary second premolar (USPM) and 36.9% had mandibular second premolar (LSPM) erupted.
Of these, the researchers suggest that particulate matter is the most heavily involved in disease, especially ultrafine particulate matter (UFPM), which is small enough to enter cells and trigger toxic effects.