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The team found that there are certain parameters that affect how many UFPs are produced--it varied across different brands of machines, the type of print media (what the thermal plastic material was) and the temperature at which the machine operated.
Despite the growing experimental evidence, few epidemiological studies on the effects of UFP exposure have been performed.
(1) Producto derivado del proyecto de investigacion "Analisis de los efectos de un sistema solar fotovoltaico conectado a la red electrica de baja tension en la UFPS", apoyado por la Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander a traves del Grupo de Investigacion y Desarrollo en Microelectronica Aplicada, GIDMA.
Ultra Fine Particles (UFP), sometimes called nanoparticles, are particles that measure less than 100 nanometers and have a different range of hazards that are not fully known.
While most UFPs are NTFPs, there are some differences between UFPs and NTFPs: UFPs rely on the use and management of the forest floor, and include such things as forest tourism, the raising of poultry and the growth of saplings that will be later transplanted to meet the burgeoning demand for trees in urban areas.
Aspectos socioeconomicos relacionados con la permanencia en el pregrado, UFPS, 2014
Margarita Caballero Chaparro assistant of the Laboratory (UFPS, headquarters Los Patios), Ph.D.
Es importante senalar que la UFPS gestiona de una manera eficaz los procesos de formacion docente, (comisiones de estudios, cursos de actualizacion, diplomados de formacion pedagogica, etc.); sin embargo, no tiene aun consolidado un centro de formacion docente que gestione y administre de una manera formal los procesos de formacion.
Second, the potential release of UFPs may put everyone living in the household at risk of localized environmental harms.
Operating 3D printers in exhaust ventilation fume hoods or spray booths is a safer means of prudently avoiding exposure to potentially harmful UFPs and VOCs.
Directora del Departamento de Arquitectura, Diseno y Urbanismo de la Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS), Cucuta, Colombia.