UFSBUnion Federal Savings Bank
UFSBUltra Shallow Floor Beams
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See the excerpt from Zaslavskii's diary, later called a "political questionnaire," that played a role in his prosecution (UFSB SPb, arkh.
(56) See Pimenov's August 1955 exchange of letters with Ariadna Mashianova, an acquaintance from Moscow, in UFSB SPb, arkh.
(59) Pimenov's attachment to Soviet humanism is demonstrated in his "On the Tasks of Russian Literature" (UFSB SPb, arkh.
Petersburg, 2005; Vail', Osobo opasnyi, 113; UFSB SPb, arkh.
(65) The quotation is from Pimenov's words at a meeting of the Library Institute soon to be discussed (UFSB SPb, arkh.
(66) See the first chapter of the work, titled "Restoring the Truth about the Ninth of January" (UFSB SPb, arkh.
(72) In testimony to the KGB, Pimenov recalled having clashed with Aleksandrov over the latter's comments at the time, one reason for Pimenov's temporary expulsion from the university (UFSB SPb, arkh.
(84) From Pimenov's words at the January 1958 trial in UFSB SPb, arkh.
(88) See Pimenov's testimony of 16 July 1957 in UFSB SPb, arkh.
(94) See Pimenov's characterization of the students' response to his message of legality in testimony to the KGB (UFSB SPb, arkh.
(95) From the 9 May 1957 testimony of Iurii Grekov (UFSB SPb, arkh.
If Vishniakov was in fact an infiltrator, the KGB gave no indication of this in their interrogation of him as a witness (UFSB SPb, arkh.