UFSSUnited Financial Settlement Services, Inc. (Dunmore, PA)
UFSSUnisys Financial Services System
UFSSUnidentified Flying Subjective Subject
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UFSS obtained from wet milling could improve the compactness of concrete effectively.
For specimens incorporating 35% of UFSS, the pattern of PSD curves was significantly different for different grinding durations.
UFSS refined the pores and created a distribution peak for the pore range within 100 nm, and the trend was clearly observed in the specimens with UFSS60.
What is more, the UFSS was mixed with water first and then mixed together with other raw materials; the particles get a good dispersion in the concrete.
UFSS could accelerate the development of compressive strength at the early age of concrete.
The content and grinding duration of UFSS reduced slump.
Caption: Figure 5: Pore size distribution curves of specimens with 35% of UFSS at 28 days.
In this paper, the feasibility of UFSS prepared by the wet ball mill process applied in concrete was investigated.
Compared with the original slag, the size range of UFSS was reduced and the morphology was smooth.
Firstly, different UFSS were obtained through controlled grinding duration based on the milling curve.
The CSS and the UFSS take a relatively longer time to reach the same thermal conditions because both the CSS and the UFSS do not supply air directly to the vicinity of the occupied space.