UG1Untypeable Groups 1
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biloba leaf powder, referred to as CG group, UG1 group, UG2 group, and UG3 group, respectively.
In this trial, dietary addition of CG, UG1 and UG2 decreased (P<0.05) the concentration of MDA in longissimus dorsi muscle compared with the control group.
The microarrays used for Data Set 2 (Slides 75 and 77, Microarray UG1.01.01) had a similar design to Data Set 1, but the eight print-pins comprised 48 rows and 45 columns, and the cDNAs were printed in duplicate.
The microarrays used to generate Data Set 3 (Slides 34 and 37, Microarray UG1.02.02) consisted of eight print-pins on a single slide, each comprising 46 rows and 46 columns.