UG1Untypeable Groups 1
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La UG1 y UG6 representan 60,9% de la inversion privada, 58,9% de la ejecucion de infraestructura y 68,9% de las compensaciones por mayor aprovechamiento urbanistico en Puerto Norte (Grafico 6).
Complementariamente las UG1, 2/1, 2/2 y 6 de Puerto Norte que ingresan mas de USD$3,8 millones en efectivo.
biloba leaf powder, referred to as CG group, UG1 group, UG2 group, and UG3 group, respectively.
In this trial, dietary addition of CG, UG1 and UG2 decreased (P<0.05) the concentration of MDA in longissimus dorsi muscle compared with the control group.
A umidade gravimetrica apresentou valores entre 0,236 kg [kg.sup.-1] (UG4) e 0,198 kg [kg.sup.-1] (UG1), seguindo comportamento linear positivo, em relacao a profundidade do solo, indicando que a camada com a maior umidade foi a de 0,30-0,40 m (Tabela 1).
The microarrays used for Data Set 2 (Slides 75 and 77, Microarray UG1.01.01) had a similar design to Data Set 1, but the eight print-pins comprised 48 rows and 45 columns, and the cDNAs were printed in duplicate.
The microarrays used to generate Data Set 3 (Slides 34 and 37, Microarray UG1.02.02) consisted of eight print-pins on a single slide, each comprising 46 rows and 46 columns.
Pollution control and demolition of a simple gym.3 projectiles (eg, ug1, ug2) eg: offices, cloakrooms, showers1: gymnasium, equipment room2: with chip heating and cellar (former protection room) .carrier: solid construction.facade: suspended fiber cement panels (loaded).
In addition, This lift connects the ec with the two technical levels in the ug1 and ug2 by special journeys / preferential journeys.
Roof garden made of high-frequency system intensive, layer thickness 100 to 1,000 mm, flat building OG2 and double courtyard UG1, total approx.
Ceiling cladding made of square metal cassettes, module 600x600 mm, for clean rooms ISO class 7, designed as a heating and cooling ceiling, in central sterilization UG1, total approx.
Coring UG1 - OG1 with the expansion of GK-partitions, floors,Abgeh.Decken Abruch, interior doors, metal glass windows, installations etc.