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But the opinions of the specialists are mixed when it comes to the results related to the expectation of inflation or portfolio rebalancing, considering them (if any) limited correlated with the results and dimensions of the engagement (Ugai, 2006).
In Figure 14a, the results of three-dimensional analyses of Ugai [8], Farzaneh & Askari [17] are provided in 1985, 1986 and 2003 respectively, are compared with the results of the present study.
The real effects of quantitative easing ultimately appear to have been small (Ugai 2007).
(57) Kawasaki, H., Song, J., Eckner, R., Ugai, H., Chiu, R., Taira, K., Shi, Y., Jones, N.
Ugai's (2006) survey of empirical research on the effects of Japan's quantitative easing programs concluded that the evidence "confirms a clear effect" of the commitment policy on short-and medium-term interest rates but offers only "mixed" evidence that "expansion of the monetary base and altering the composition of the BOJ's balance sheet" had much effect.
Announced a formal consultancy arrangement with Megumi Ugai, a veteran Japanese reinsurance specialist.
Fuchi, Hitoshi, Nobuyuki Oda and Hiroshi Ugai (2007), "The Costs and Benefits of Inflation: Evaluation for Japan's Economy", Bank of Japan Working Paper No.
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For example, Ugai [2], Matsui and San [3], Song [4], Griffiths and Lane [5], Dawson et al.
Under the leadership of Bob McDonough and Brian Ugai, we are examining organizational and membership options that can be developed and deployed to make TEI an even more valuable organization.
In this case, it followed the letter of its commitment, ending the policy in March 2006 after several months of positive inflation (Ugai 2007).