UGDTUrzedu Gminy Dabrowa Tarnowska (Polish: Dabrowa Tarnowska Municipalities Office)
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A Marrakech, seuls l'UNTM, l'Organisation democratique du travail (ODT) et l'Union generale democratique des travailleurs (UGDT) ont participe aux festivites organisees a l'occasion du 1er mai.
AaAaAa The Istiqlal Party (PI) came second with 17 seats, followed by the Popular Movement (MP) 11, the socialist Union for Popular Forces (USFP) 10, the National Rally of Independents (RNI) 9, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.AaAaAa During these elections, three women belonging to the parties of the USFP, the citizens' forces party, and the environment and sustainable development party, were elected.AaAaAa The final results of the elections of wage earners' representatives are as follow: The Moroccan Workers' Union (UMT) got 2 seats, the General Union of Moroccan Workers (UGTM) 2 seats, the Democratic Federation of Labor (FDT) 2 seats, the National Labor Union of Morocco (UNTM) 2 seats and the General democratic Union of Labor (UGDT) 1 seat.