UGHIUnicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries Ltd. (est. 1992; Saudi Arabia)
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El maximo global (300-400mGal) esta asociado con la Placa Atlantica, euya respuesta gravimetrica es consecuencia de la alta densidad conferida por su constitucion litologica (Ughi, 2009) y su poco espesor cortical.
Using groundbreaking surveying tools and mathematics of the day, Lodovico Ughi (active 1710-30) prepared precise measurements of buildings, streets, canals, and gardens, making this map--measuring approximately 60 x 72 inches authoritative for more than a century.
It condemns with names: we've scrutinized how they suffered these woes, the worst of those through death and bleak mourning from Gavi and Andreotti those goddamn Forlani, Amilcari Fanfani Cossiga and Ughi `ntini, Lamalfe and Spadolini.
Maurizio Ughi, president of SNAI, will stay in place until April when he will step down.
In Ughi, a shanty town, residents have been able to reconstruct their shacks with wood from a new sawmill.
These include readings by Itzhak Perlman (EMI Classics CDC 55675026), Rainer Kussmaul's very fine performance (CPO 999 324-2), Elizabeth Wallfisch playing on a baroque violin (Hyperion CDH55157), Mark Kaplan (Arabesque Z6691), Franco Mezzena in his almost completed survey of all twenty-nine concertos (Dynamic CDS 425), and Uto Ughi's fine rendering (P&P Classica CDC 010).
Producer-director, Danny Lerner; cast, Chantal Ughi, Jaid Barrymore, Carlos Leon.
Ughi, 116, states that Pocaterra was a student of Antonio Montecatini's and was awarded professional rank in 1585, at the age of twenty-three.
Edoardo Ughi, general manager, predicts total industry sales of about 1000 injection machines in Italy this year.
Tamas Vasary, piano, and Uto Ughi, violin, 7:30 P.M.; 398-1324.
This time he recalls his 'pilgrimage' to his ancestral town of Jalandhar in India, as well as to the village of Ughi where the roots of his family are entrenched in the soil.
Snaia[euro](tm)s chairman, Maurizio Ughi, was cited by daily MF as saying today that a merger would be beneficial, but there were problems in settling the equity structure of the resulting entity.