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Noteworthy is that three suicide bombers had blown themsleves up inside the headquarters of Ninewa's 1st Emergency Battalion on Wednesday, killing its Commander Shamel Ahmed Ugla.
While motion towards a named destination is present in stanzas one and two in "Vo vse predely" ("To all limits"--note that "predel" has a dual meaning of "fate") and "Letit na plamia" ("Flies to the flame"), motion away from a place (as well as toward a named destination) occurs in stanza seven, "Na svechku dulo uz ugla" ("On the candle a draft was blowing from the corner").
Freyja Margret Vilhjalmsdottir Agga Ugla Egilsdottir Bjorn Theodor Heino Ferch Magnus Hilmir Snaer Gudnason Granny Kristbjorg Kjeld Dodo Edda Bjorg Eyjolfsdottir Ninna Gudlaug Elisabet Olafsdottir Granddad Eyvindur Erlendsson Hilli Benedikt Erlingsson Birna Halldora Geirhardsdottir Doe's widow Jonina Olafsdottir Emily Dilja Mist Magnusdottir A vampish young widow melts the reserve of a small Icelandic town in "The Seagull's Laughter," a sprightly, enjoyable comedy-drama from veteran Agust Gudmundsson that's buoyed by a raft of excellent distaff performances.
Pic has waited more than eight months for its international premiere--at the Karlovy Vary fest, where it picked up a well-deserved best actress gong for young Ugla Egilsdottir, as the girl through whose eyes the story unfolds.
To assist users, the old Universal General Ledger Account (UGLA) format is also being maintained but will be retired by the close of fiscal year 2002.
Vrednosti kraniocervikalnog ugla (NS/OPT) u odnosu na skeletnu klasu Skeletal class/ Total/ Skeletna klasa Ukupno I II III Number of patients/ 30 30 30 90 Broj pacijenata Min 77 79.20 72.20 72.20 Max 115.20 126.30 120 126.30 Mean/Srednja vrednost 94.06 100.80 94.59 96.49 SD 1.81 11.10 1.80 10.64 ANOVA F = 3.97; p < 0.05 t-test (I i II) t = -2.48 p < 0.05 t-test (I i III) t = -0.21 p > 0.05 t-test (II i III) t = 2.29 p < 0.05 Table 2.
(60) Gordana Stojakovic, "Danica Bandic," in Kikinda iz zenskog ugla (Kikinda: Udruzenje gradanki i gradana "Centar za podrsku zenama," 2010), 29.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: The Commander of north Iraq Ninewa Province's Emergency Battalion, Colonel Shamel Ahmed Ugla, has been killed when two suicide bombers flew themselves up inside its headquarters in west Mosul's Bab-Sinjar district, while the police had managed to kill a third suicide bomber, a security source said on Thursday.
Znacajnost razlike izmecu prosecnog unutrasnjeg i spoljasnjeg ugla obe grupe F p Lateral PTS/Lateralni nagib 3.665 .060 Medial PTS/Medijalni nagib 1.489 .227
Among this case's defendants are Ali Hassan al-Majeed, Tareq Aziz, Abid Hmod, Sabir al-Dori, Sbaawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, Lateef Nsayef Jassim, Mohammed Zmam, Jassim Mohammed Hachim, Ugla Abid Segar, Ahmed Hameed Mahmod, and Aziz Salih al-Noman.