UGLEUnited Grand Lodge of England
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UGLE said it welcomes individuals from all walks of life but deplored the fact that members are "undeservedly stigmatised".
UGLE is restricted to men, although separate women-only lodges also exist.
Mr Ugle told jurors: "She squirted the Oramorph into our mouths.
Mr Ugle said Mr Rowley-Goodchild had "at least four or five" doses, including one self-administered, over a couple of hours.
Mr Ugle told the court: "He was quite adamant about it.
A mother-of-two from Baldivis in Perth, Natasha Ugle, is suing her orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Li-on Lam.
According to ( Perth Now , Ugle had the surgery to stabilise the right shoulder that she kept dislocating on a regular basis.
Ugle said that she had been relying on her partner financially, and that was the hardest part.
Tenders are invited for Construction of composite gabian structures at borgaon math kusali andhari adha songiri deulgaon ugle khaparkheda bharaj khu.
The age limit has been lifted because it is thought older refs, seasoned by the hurly-burly of the lower divisions, will be more able to stamp out ugle scenes.