UGOODUnited Global Organization of Development (Islamabad, Pakistan)
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Syed Ishtiaq Gilani, NACG Chair (CEO, UGOOD) said that according to the National Labor Survey conducted in1996, 3.3 million children in Pakistan are engaged in labor however these statistics do not take in to account the informal sector and the numbers have increased multiple folds due to increased poverty, huge number of out of school children and no or poor implementation of children related laws and policies.
UGood is a non-government organization duly registered with the government.
A fabulous performance on Women's Rights has been presented by UGOOD Theater team, in the event.
Syed Ishtiaq Ul Hassan Gilani Chair, Chief Executive Officer of National Secretariat of CRM UGOOD (United Global Organization of Development), Dr.
Ishtiaq Gillani CEO, UGOOD said that protecting children should be the top priority of the government and to protect our children our local laws should be fully compliant with the Framework Convention on Tobacco control.
Speakers stated this during a Roundtable Conference on Responsible Fatherhood by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) in collaboration with Rutgers WPF, Pakistan and UGOOD.
ISLAMABAD, April 29, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Vigilance and Security (V4Vs) project of National Volunteer Movement (NVM) was launched by Ministry of Youth Affairs in collaboration with Islamabad Police and UGOOD to promote awareness through volunteers in the society.