UGPAUndergraduate Grade Point Average
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Undergraduate GPA (UGPA) accounts for 10% of USNWR rankings.
Given the high-stakes implications of the newly revised TPP accreditation admission standard, the use and interpretation of teacher candidates' UGPA and very different subject area ability/achievement tests needs to be validated (Messick, 1985; Shepard, 1997).
The weight of the UGPA in total admission score also changes depending on the University Senate's regulation.
But, because success in higher degrees needs more expertise and skills, UGPA scores relates significantly with the grade.
In Fall 2009, the average UGPA and LSAT scores for Puerto Rican students accepted to law school were 3.25, and 145, respectively, compared to the average UGPA and LSAT score for Chicanos/Mexican Americans (3.30/154), Hispanics/Latinos (3.28/153), Whites (3.40/157), Blacks/African Americans (3.15/149), Asians/Pacific Islanders (3.35/158), and American Indians/Alaskan Natives (3.19/154).
Each portfolio consisted of letters of recommendation, a writing sample, UGPA, and GRE results (required minimum score of 900 for GRE-V and GRE-Q sections combined).
In addition to goal orientations, this study also examined the correlation between academic variables, LSAT, UGPA or lawyering skills grade, and class rank.
En su trabajo efectuado en 434 estudiantes de medicina osteopatica del Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine en Tulsa, encuentran que un mejor predictor de rendimiento academico son los puntajes UGPA (puntajes de desempeno en educacion secundaria).
ABSTRACT Graduate nursing programs frequently use undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) and Graduate Record Examination[R] (GRE) scores for admission decisions.