UGRUniversidad de Granada
UGRUnified Glare Rating (lighting)
UGRUnitized Group Rations
UGRUnconventional Gas Resource (various locations)
UGRUniversité de la Grande Région (French: University of the Greater Region; Liège, Belgium)
UGRUnder God's Rainbow (Christian book distributor)
UGRUnité de Gestion des Risques (French: Unit Risk Management)
UGRUnited Group Resources (Australia)
UGRUnit Ground Rations
UGRUterine Growth Restriction
UGRUnderground Racerz (game)
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Facilitators assisted teams in developing an individual campus action plan with short-term and long-term goals aimed at generating a rich, vibrant UGR program embedded across the campus.
Three types of activities are woven throughout the weekend: formal plenary sessions, concurrent sessions on various topics that participants select from, and break-out sessions in which the teams work with expert facilitators to draft their UGR plans for vetting and implementation after their return to campus.
Como ya hemos senalado, las caracteristicas que reunen los traductores (y/o interpretes) los convierten, como ha sido el caso en el Gabinete de Comunicacion de la UGR, en los mediadores ideales para la divulgacion de los avances cientificos.
La experiencia ha demostrado que la publicacion de la version en ingles de las noticias cientificas del Gabinete de Comunicacion de la UGR confiere a la produccion cientifica de la UGR un alcance mediatico mucho mas importante que la publicacion de las mismas noticias en espanol a traves de medios nacionales.
How do specification-grade LED troffers perform when considering RP-1's upper limit for luminous intensity (as a proxy for characterizing the likelihood of distracting reflections in VDTs) and UGR (as a proxy for characterizing the likelihood of discomfort glare)?
UGR was computed at seated eye height in the four cardinal directions using 2 ft x 2 ft grid spacing.
Bataan's first UGR test was a breakfast meal consisting of creamed sausage, biscuits, and boil-in-the-bag (BIB) eggs.
Both the UGR and CS schedule initiatives have enabled Bataan to improve service to the crew while improving the quality of life for our culinary specialists.
This work has been carried out by Antonio Miguel Mora Garcia, and supervised by professors Juan Julian Merelo Guervos and Pedro Angel Castillo Valdivieso, of the department of Computer Architecture and Technology of the UGR.
The scientists of the UGR have developed a mini-simulator in order to define the settings (battlefields), locate the unit and their enemies, execute the algorithms and see the results.
MREs and UGRs are thermostabilized, processed with heat to destroy microorganisms and enzymes that may cause spoilage.