UGTCUnited Gas Transmissions Company (United Arab Emirates)
UGTCUnion Générale des Travailleurs du Cameroun (French: Cameroon Trade Union)
UGTCUniroyal Goodrich Tire Company (Akron, OH)
UGTCUnified Geometric Theory of Control
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The previously signed agreement for technology collaboration in the field of heavy duty gas turbines between UGTC and Siemens follows the Memorandum of Understanding with SPIC, the majority shareholder of UGTC, which was already announced in July 2018.
The firm's $1 billion sukuk, secured against certain Egyptian assets as well as SajGas and UGTC, are due to mature on 31 October 2012.
Tabla 1 Dominios edaficos y suelos dominantes en la Provincia de Misiones Dominio edafico Suelo dominante AQ Rodudalfes ALrd Kandiudalfes rodicos AMrd Kanhapludalfes rodicos EOtc Udortentes tipicos EUtc Udipsamentes tipicos IOum Dislrocreptes umbricos MCab Argiacuoles abrupticos MCve Argiacuoles verticos MJen Hapludoles enticos MJIi Hapludoles liticos UTrd Kandiudultes rodicos Uttc Kandiudultes tipicos UGtc Kandihumultes tipicos UVrd Kanhapludultes rodicos La provincia de Corrientes no presenta diferencias marcadas en su topografia, desciende de NE a SW (200 a 35 m.s.n.m.).