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They were the same who stoned prophet at Taif, Inflicted tortures in Badar and Uhad and were brutal enemies of Islam during Meccan life
They also visited the Quba Mosque, the Qiblatain Mosque, the Seven Mosques, the Uhad Mountain, the Urwah bin Zubair Palace, the Urwa Well and the Kaab bin Al-Ashraf Fort in addition to many other ancient sites related to the early Islamic history, the Saudi Press Agency reported yesterday.
Twenty ministers from the Andhra region u who had sent their resignations to Rosaiah on Saturday uhad deferred further action on his advice last night.
While theremay not have been too much to choose between the two teams on the pitch, itwas different off it.At one point, I switched over to Sky - just after Man Uhad been awarded a goal kick which probably should have been a Chelsea corner.
after the Battle of Uhad where more than ten percent of the Muslim male
Muslim women had rendered valuable services in the Holy Prophet's migration to Madina and later during the battle of Badr, Uhad and Hunain.